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    Bang Truong is a fashion photographer based in San Diego, California. His passion of photography began in 2005 when he picked up his first DSLR Canon 20D. He began photographing various events and nature and found a passion for capturing wildlife. After mastering the art of photographing animals in the wild, he grew an interest in portraiture photography which eventually grew into a passion for fashion which is his current predominate style of photography. However, he is not limited to one area of photography as he enjoys the challenge of working with multiple disciplines as is shown in his photographic works. His works have been described as dramatic, edgy and clean. He has a fascination with capturing images of diversity by shooting various ethnicities and unique looks. Although Bang has a reputation as a highly regarded fashion photographer, he sees himself as a beginner and strives to learn each and everyday by pushing himself to the next level. He challenges himself to come up with new concepts, compositions and lighting techniques. Bang’s main philosophy is “Using your heart to capture the moment “.

    Born and raised in Vietnam with a Chinese background, Bang Truong immigrated to the United States in 1997. Being an immigrant from Vietnam with the ability to speak in English, Mandarin , Cantonese  and Vietnamese, Bang is fascinated in the vast diversity that our country, the United States, embraces. His ability to see through color, creed and ethnicity helps him look at things differently and allows for the ability for his photography to relate to all different perspectives. Bang loves photography with the simple reason that he can capture beautiful moment in time and have it remain forever. Bang believes that he has found the beauty of the world through the view finder.

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